Thursday, June 28, 2007

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - Bobblehead Vacation.

Now this was a fun one to assist in conceptualizing and ultimately pulling it all off. Ultimatte plug-in was used for the outstanding key, considering the bobblehead was shot against a light blue polo shirt stretched out! Add to the fun that somehow the world's monuments are *ahem* PHALLIC in nature, shall we say... Check out the lighthouse, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben (hmmmmm), the Capitol dome? Huh? But of course the best part is underwater. Thank Google for the snorkel.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - Lightning Round 2007

OK. The exceptionally creative Producer I work most with has been watching music videos lately, and shall we say... thinks certain effects are cool. So I've got to absorb the idea, and figure out the ingredients to recreate it to make Mr. Producer happy. I must say this was one of the most interesting approaches taken to create a very cool effect, and I must also admit the end result made Mr. Editor also happy! BTW, this did take a little over a week or two to complete, working on it a couple hours a day...No plug-in used, either.

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - Lightning Round Countdown 2007

In this intro to a show segment, you can see a travelling lightning bolt embedded in the numbers which, when seen in slo-mo, completely white-out the number for additional effect. Another example of the mirror effect by taking a high layer and flipping it around to an angle that represents true reflection. Put a copy of the final numbers on the very top layer to complete the effect.

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - University of Texas at Austin Promo

This was an interesting project. Take the existing audio tracks, mixed with music, reassemble the order of the segments, reimport the video in order to color-correct (we eventually opted for the sepia-effect) exceptionally poor video levels (incorrect iris settings on camera), match to the reassembled exisiting audio mix track, make the music work rhythmically, and insert more steer shots, since the original version of this promo had no steer cutaway shots, which I believe make this re-versioned promo work more effectively, not to mention the oh-so-cutesy ending (previously in the middle of the promo).


You get only three still pictures of Paris scenes, and a cheesy Cramerica plane graphic. See what a bunch of snap zooms, axis moves, defocus and a title-tool flag warped a bit can create in another video cartoon. Exceptionally hokey Parisian accordion and that edited downbeat at the end add to the Croissant d'Resistance.

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - TEASER - Rollercoaster Love

Ahh the ups and downs of the stock market. Just a little cool motion blur multi-layer effect and some motion effects. And to think Jim Cramer's face as cupid only lasts 20 frames!

CNBC TV - MAD MONEY - PROMO - 25 Years Experience

This is your typical box-type black-bar promo. A little glow and box movement with mutual exchange between producer and editor create this little gem. The only specialty is the end where the three boxes combine and the line disappears.


This is a fun example of creating another video cartoon. My favorite little effect was animating the arrow, a crappy graphic copped off the web, to imitate motion and create the effect which worked, I think, quite fine and cheesy as expected! Check out the sound effects which totally add to the realism effect.